Once again it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge with sincere gratitude the permission of Jennings’ surviving daughter, Mrs Shirley Watson, for allowing the use and publication of her father’s papers as well as the reproduction of two wonderful photographs in her possession – the first being Jennings in his robes as vice–chancellor and the second an autographed commemorative photo of the signing of agreements with Britain at Queen’s House in November 1947, which paved the way for independence the following February.   The Director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Professor Philip Murphy, and eminent Sri Lankanist, Emeka Anyaoku Professor Emeritus of Commonwealth Studies, James Manor, with the Librarians at the University of London’s Senate House Library in Russell Square, where the Jennings Papers are held, have been consistently supportive, helpful and knowledgeable.  I happily acknowledge permission to use the papers and images in the Library’s custody.  I am grateful to the National Archives of the United Kingdom for confirming allowance to reproduce large parts of British official documents under Crown Copyright such as the Donoughmore and Soulbury Reports.

In Sri Lanka for all other remaining illustrations reproduced here thanks are given to Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd (Lake House).  Dr P. Saravanamuttu, Executive Director of the Centre of Policy Alternatives (CPA), has provided a genial and generous publishing home for this project and much else.  Without Sara projects like this one and others more worthy would never reach fruition.  CPA’s Heshanthi Madugalle undertook sterling work on my behalf in the Lake House archive and found debates from the Ceylon legislatures, which are harder to retrieve than they should be.  Shehara Athukorala has been a wonderful and efficient helper to me at the CPA, particularly in transcribing swathes of text.  Her cheerful and swift responses to all my many requests made my task all the easier.  Despite the considerable pressures of his own work, Sanjana Hattotuwa stepped in graciously and efficiently to execute the technical aspects in the production of this book, and that too within a very tight deadline. Without Dr Asanga Welikala this book would never have been published.  I owe Asanga a spry apple cider.  I would like to blame Ivor Jennings for any mistakes herein, but if some are found they are likely to be mine.

My parents, Geetha, Karolina and Maks have been formidable in their love and solid in their loyalty.  For their robust sufferance this book exists.



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