Appendix II

Primary Constitutional Documents used by Jennings for this book


Agreements between the Governor of the United Kingdom and the Government of Ceylon. (Independence of Ceylon, S.P. XXII of 1947).

Caldecott Despatch (Correspondence relating to the Constitution of Ceylon, cmd. 5918, 1936;    and S.P. XXVII of 1938), para. 5.

Ceylon Independence Bill (Independence of Ceylon, S.P.XXII of 1947).

Declaration of 1941 (Correspondence of the Board of Ministers with the Secretary of State and the Governor, S.P.XIII of 1943, Document 10A).

Declaration of 1943 (Reform of the Constitution, S.P.XVII of 1943, Document I).

Dominion Status, announcement of policy by His Majesty’s Government (State Council Debates, 1947, Vol. I, column 2085).

Dominion Status, documents resulting in Independence of Ceylon (S.P.XXII of 1947).

Dominion Status, letter from Mr D.S. Senanayake to the Secretary of State, August 16, 1945.

Dominion Status, speech by the Prime Minister on (Parliamentary Debates, House of Representatives, vol. I, columns 137–47).

Dominion Status, telegrams between Mr D. S. Senanayake and the Secretary of State, July 1947 (Parliamentary Debates, House of Representatives, vol. I, col. 727–728).

Donoughmore Report (Ceylon: Report of the Special Commission on the Constitution, cmd. 3131, 1928),

paragraphs 30 to 37

paragraphs 52 to 57

paragraphs 125 to 128

paragraphs 164 to 167

Independence of Ceylon (S.P.XXII of 1947).

Ministers’ Draft Constitution (S.P.XIV of 1944).

Ministers’ Interpretation of the Declaration of 1943 (Reform of the Constitution, S.P. XVII of 1943, Document 2).

Soulbury Report (Ceylon: Report of the Commission on Constitutional Reform, cmd, 6677, 1945)

Chapters I to VI

paragraphs 254 to 264

paragraphs 265 to 277

paragraphs 280 to 308

White Paper (Statement of Policy on Constitutional Reform, Ceylon Government Gazette Extraordinary No. 9, 480, 1947, paragraphs 10 to 12.)

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